200+ Female Saiyan Names – Unveiling the Power Within

Are you looking for unique and powerful female Saiyan names? Discover a handpicked selection of names for your characters. Find inspiration for your Saiyan warriors here.

In the vast universe of Dragon Ball, Saiyans are known for their incredible strength, resilience, and warrior spirit. You’re in the right place if you’re creating a female Saiyan character or need a name that embodies strength and power. In this article, we will provide an extensive list of female Saiyan names that capture the essence of these formidable warriors. Whether you’re a fan or an aspiring writer, these names will add depth to your characters and stories.

Female Saiyan Names

Explore our collection of female Saiyan names, each carrying its unique flair and significance:

AkiraBright and clear
KohanaLittle flower
KiyomiPure beauty
KaedeMaple leaf
AikoBeloved child
MizukiBeautiful moon
NatsukoSummer child
MichikoBeautiful wise child
MeiBright, beautiful
KagomeWoven basket
NadeshikoFringed pink
AmayaNight rain

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Nature:

Sylvia: A Saiyan with a solid connection to forests and the natural world.

Aqua: This Saiyan’s power is as deep and flowing as water.

Luna: Her energy resonates with the phases of the moon.

Rhea: A Saiyan who harnesses the power of the earth and soil.

Aurora: She possesses a radiant and colorful aura.

Ember: Known for her fiery and explosive strength.

Breeze: Her power is as gentle and swift as the wind.

Flora: This Saiyan’s abilities are rooted in plant life and growth.

Canyon: A Saiyan with an unwavering and rocky determination.

Gale: Her energy surges like a powerful storm.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Mythology:

Athena: A Saiyan with wisdom and strategy on her side.

Valkyrie: She is a fierce warrior, leading others to battle.

Circe: Known for her enchanting and magical abilities.

Artemis: Her skills in archery and agility are unmatched.

Nyx: A Saiyan who harnesses the power of the night.

Calliope: Known for her eloquence and musical prowess.

Hecate: Her passion is deeply connected to magic and the unknown.

Persephone: A Saiyan with a unique connection to the underworld.

Pandora: Her curiosity leads to remarkable discoveries.

Hera: Known for her regal presence and commanding strength.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Elements:

Pyra: A Saiyan who controls the flames with intensity.

Terra: Her power is deeply rooted in the earth and stone.

Zephyr: Known for her swift and airy movements.

Aqua: She commands the waters with grace and control.

Voltia: Her electric energy shocks and stuns opponents.

Gaiya: A Saiyan who embodies the balance of nature.

Frostia: Known for her icy and chilling abilities.

Quakara: Her strength can shake the very ground.

Galeena: She can create and control powerful winds.

Lavara: Known for her molten and volcanic powers.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Strength and Power:

Xena: A Saiyan who radiates unmatched physical strength.

Titania: Known for her commanding presence and authority.

Valeria: Her power is as unyielding as a fortress.

Bellatrix: She possesses a star-like, intense energy.

Heliosa: A Saiyan who harnesses the power of the sun.

Astraea: Known for her celestial and cosmic abilities.

Seraphina: Her strength is angelic and divine.

Nemesis: She is relentless and unwavering in her pursuit.

Athenais: Known for her strategic and tactical brilliance.

Empressa: A Saiyan who rules with regal power and grace.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Animals:

Lupina: A Saiyan with the instincts and strength of a wolf.

Panthera: Known for her agility and feline grace.

Drakara: Her power is as fierce as a dragon.

Serpenta: She can control and channel serpent-like energy.

Fenixia: A Saiyan with the ability to rise from the ashes.

Aviana: Known for her avian-like flight and vision.

Ursula: Her strength is as formidable as a bear.

Lionessa: She commands the pride and courage of a lion.

Tigris: A Saiyan with the agility and fierceness of a tiger.

Kitsune: Known for her cunning and fox-like abilities.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Celestial Bodies:

Stella: A Saiyan with a radiant and starry presence.

Nova: Known for her explosive and cosmic power.

Eclipse: Her energy can eclipse the sun and moon.

Aurora: She embodies the beauty and wonder of the auroras.

Lunara: A Saiyan whose power is connected to the lunar cycles.

Cosima: Known for her vast knowledge of the cosmos.

Orion: Her strength is as enormous and uncharted as the stars.

Cassiopeia: She is a celestial queen among Saiyans.

Vespera: Known for her evening-like calm and power.

Nebula: Her energy is as mysterious and colorful as nebulae.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Emotions:

Serena: A Saiyan who exudes serenity and peace.

Furya: Known for her uncontrollable and fiery rage.

Tristia: Her power is connected to deep sorrow and melancholy.

Euphoria: She radiates joy and happiness.

Melodia: A Saiyan whose energy is harmonious and musical.

Ardentia: Known for her passionate and burning emotions.

Solace: Her strength lies in providing comfort and ease.

Amara: She embodies eternal and undying love.

Rapture: Known for her ecstatic and overwhelming power.

Desirea: Her energy is driven by intense desires.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Weather Phenomena:

Tempesta: A Saiyan whose power is as fierce as a storm.

Avalancha: Known for her ability to trigger avalanches.

Cyclone: Her energy surges with cyclonic force.

Soleil: She radiates the warmth and brilliance of the sun.

Hailia: A Saiyan whose power is as icy and destructive as hail.

Whirlwinda: Known for her control over tornadoes and whirlwinds.

Eclipsia: Her energy can darken the skies like an eclipse.

Typhoona: She commands the fury of powerful typhoons.

Blizzara: A Saiyan with the ability to bring snowstorms.

Thunderia: Known for her electrifying and thunderous powers.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Fantasy and Magic:

Elowen: A Saiyan who embodies the magic of the forest.

Mystara: Known for her mysterious and enchanting aura.

Avalonia: Her power is deeply connected to mythical realms.

Eldoria: She is an elder of magical knowledge and ability.

Sorceria: A Saiyan who wields formidable sorcery.

Mythra: Known for her connection to ancient myths and legends.

Celestria: Her energy is as celestial and magical as it gets.

Nymphara: She is a guardian of natural and supernatural beauty.

Enchant: Known for her ability to cast enchantments.

Luminara: Her power radiates with divine luminescence.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Technology and Futurism:

Cyberia: A Saiyan who harnesses the power of cybernetics.

Vortexa: Known for her ability to manipulate energy vortexes.

Techra: Her power is as futuristic and advanced as it comes.

Nanite: She controls the microscopic world of nanotechnology.

Hologra: A Saiyan who can create and manipulate holograms.

Photonic: Known for her mastery of photon and light energy.

Astrona: Her strength is deeply connected to space exploration.

Machina: She possesses mechanical and robotic prowess.

Xenora: Known for her extraterrestrial and alien abilities.

Laseria: Her energy is as focused and powerful as a laser.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Music and Art:

Harmonia: A Saiyan whose power is as harmonious as music.

Maestra: Known for her mastery over all forms of art.

Sonata: Her energy resonates with beautiful melodies.

Crescenda: She can control her power’s intensity like a crescendo.

Rhythma: A Saiyan whose strength flows with perfect rhythm.

Aria: Known for her ability to create and maintain the elements of music.

Impressa: Her power leaves an artistic impression on foes.

Dance: She moves with the grace and precision of a dancer.

Lyrica: Known for her poetic abilities.

Palette: Her energy is as vibrant and colorful as an artist’s palette.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Martial Arts:

Kiara: A Saiyan who has mastered the art of ki manipulation.

Sensei: Known for her role as a martial arts instructor.

Dojoa: Her power is deeply rooted in the martial arts dojo.

Jujutsa: She specializes in the gentle art of jujutsu.

Kendoa: A Saiyan with a strong affinity for kendo techniques.

Ninjara: Known for her stealth and ninja-like abilities.

Karatea: Her strength is as formidable as a karate master’s.

Taekwona: She excels in the art of taekwondo.

Samuraia: Known for her warrior spirit and swordsmanship.

Kenpoka: Her energy flows with the precision of Kenpo.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Mythical Creatures:

Phoenixia: A Saiyan who can rise from her ashes.

Sirenna: Known for her enchanting and alluring abilities.

Dragona: Her power is as fierce and mythical as dragons.

Griffina: She possesses the strength and nobility of griffins.

Centaura: A Saiyan with the agility and grace of centaurs.

Manticora: Known for her cunning and mythical nature.

Minotara: Her strength is as bull-like and unstoppable as minotaurs.

Chimera: She combines various abilities like the mythical chimera.

Basiliska: Known for her ability to petrify opponents.

Kitsunara: Her energy is fox-like and deceptive, much like kitsunes.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Time and Space:

Chrona: A Saiyan who can manipulate time itself.

Astrolia: Known for her connection to celestial bodies.

Paradox: Her power can create paradoxes and alternate realities.

Eonara: She embodies the vastness and eternity of time.

Stellara: A Saiyan whose energy flows with starry patterns.

Quasarra: Known for her explosive and cosmic powers.

Temporalia: Her strength is deeply intertwined with time.

Nebulosa: She can create and control nebulous energies.

Spacera: Known for her ability to navigate through space.

Galaxia: Her power is as vast and limitless as galaxies.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Leadership and Royalty:

Reina: A Saiyan who is a true queen and leader.

Imperatrix: Known for her imperial and commanding presence.

Matriarcha: Her power is deeply rooted in matriarchy.

Regalia: She possesses regal elegance and strength.

Sovereigna: A Saiyan who rules with sovereign authority.

Monarchia: Known for her monarch-like power and control.

Dominara: Her force is as dominant and fierce as a ruler.

Emperora: She commands the empire of her destiny.

Chieftess: Known for her leadership among Saiyan tribes.

Duchessa: Her energy is as noble and aristocratic as a duchess.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Legends and Heroes:

Valentina: A Saiyan who is a valid symbol of courage.

Heroica: Known for her heroic deeds and courage.

Mythika: Her power is deeply connected to ancient myths.

Champion: She embodies the spirit of a winner.

Legendarya: A Saiyan who is a living legend among her kind.

Titanessa: Known for her titanic strength and power.

Virtua: Her energy is as virtuous and righteous as it gets.

Majestica: She is majestic and regal in her heroism.

Epicara: Known for her epic battles and adventures.

Icona: Her energy is as iconic as the heroes of legend.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Science and Knowledge:

Einsteinia: A Saiyan with a genius-level intellect.

Neuroa: Known for her control over the nervous system.

Genoma: Her power is deeply connected to genetics.

Quantia: She can manipulate quantum energies.

Luminaria: A Saiyan who harnesses the power of light.

Cognita: Known for her vast cognitive abilities.

Technika: Her strength lies in advanced technology.

Biologa: She specializes in biological manipulation.

Chemistra: Known for her control over chemical reactions.

Physica: Her energy is as physical and tangible as the laws of physics.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Wisdom and Enlightenment:

Sagessa: A Saiyan known for her wisdom and sagacity.

Enlightenia: Her power is deeply rooted in enlightenment.

Oraclea: She possesses the ability to foresee the future.

Mystica: Known for her mysterious and esoteric knowledge.

Serenia: Her energy resonates with inner peace and tranquility.

Gurua: A Saiyan who serves as a spiritual guide and teacher.

Solara: Known for her radiant and spiritual presence.

Karmika: Her strength is deeply connected to karma.

Nirvana: She embodies the ultimate state of bliss and enlightenment.

Yogina: Known for her mastery of yogic practices and meditation.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Artifacts and Relics:

Reliquia: A Saiyan with a connection to ancient relics.

Aegis: Known for her protective and shield-like abilities.

Excaliba: Her power is as legendary as King Arthur’s sword.

Pandora: She can unlock and control powerful energies.

Eldara: A Saiyan whose power is connected to ancient eldritch artifacts.

Sceptera: Known for her regal and scepter-like powers.

Vorpalia: Her strength is as sharp and deadly as the vorpal blade.

Cauldrona: She brews and controls mystical potions.

Grimoria: Known for her mastery over ancient grimoires.

Talismara: Her energy is as enchanting as magical talismans.

Female Saiyan Names Inspired by Strength and Determination:

Titanika: A Saiyan who possesses the strength of titans.

Iron: Known for her unbreakable and iron-like will.

Resolutia: Her power is deeply rooted in determination.

Bravara: She faces challenges with unwavering bravery.

Indomitara: A Saiyan who cannot be tamed or controlled.

Couragia: Known for her courageous nature.

Endura: Her strength is as enduring as the mountains.

Valora: She values strength and honor above all else.

Fiercera: Known for her fierce and unyielding resolve.

Mightia: Her energy is as mighty and formidable as it gets.

These names embody the strength, grace, and resilience that define female Saiyans. Choose one that resonates with your character’s personality and story.

Unlocking the Power of Female Saiyan Names

Selecting the perfect name for your female Saiyan character is more than a random choice. It’s about finding a name that reflects their character traits, backstory, and the essence of Saiyan culture. Here’s how to make the most of your choice:

Reflect Their Personality

Consider your character’s personality traits. Is she fierce and determined like a Saiyan warrior? Or does she possess a calm and wise demeanor? Choose a name that aligns with her unique qualities.

Embrace Saiyan Heritage

Saiyan culture is rich with symbolism and tradition. Dive into the Dragon Ball lore to find a name that connects your character to her Saiyan roots.

Story Integration

Think about how the name fits into your character’s backstory and journey. A name can become a pivotal part of her identity and storyline.


Test the name with your character’s image. Does it evoke the right emotions and imagery? Ensure it resonates with your readers.


Can I use these names for other purposes, like naming pets or businesses?

Absolutely! These names can be a unique choice for various applications beyond character names.

Are there any specific meanings associated with these names in the Dragon Ball universe?

While some names may have subtle connections to the Dragon Ball lore, they are primarily chosen for their aesthetic and cultural appeal.

Can I modify these names to suit my character better?

Of course! Feel free to adapt these names or use them as inspiration to create a name that perfectly fits your character.

Are these names suitable for Saiyan characters in other fictional universes?

Certainly! These names can be an excellent fit for any Saiyan character in different fictional worlds.

Are there any male Saiyan names you recommend?

This article focuses on female Saiyan names, but we can provide a list of male Saiyan names separately.

How can I ensure my character’s name is truly unique?

Research existing characters and names within the Dragon Ball universe to avoid duplication and ensure uniqueness.


Choosing the right name for your female Saiyan character is crucial in crafting an engaging and authentic story. These names are more than words; they embody strength, resilience, and Saiyan heritage. We hope this list has inspired you and provided the perfect name for your female Saiyan warrior.

Thank you for exploring our collection of female Saiyan names. May your characters bring the power and spirit of the Saiyans to life in your stories.