Discover the Top Graffiti Crew Names That Define Urban Art Culture

Looking for inspiration for your graffiti crew name? Explore this comprehensive guide on the top graffiti crew names defining urban art culture. Learn about the history and meaning behind these unique names and get inspired to create your own.

Graffiti art is an essential part of the urban culture, representing a form of self-expression for the youth and the marginalized groups of society. Graffiti artists have a unique style, colour palette, and message. Still, they often work together in crews to create large-scale murals and graffiti pieces that showcase their collective talent.

A graffiti crew is a group of artists that share the same passion for street art and come together to create powerful visual statements. The name of a graffiti crew plays a crucial role in its identity, representing its values, aesthetics, and ideology. In this article, we’ll explore the top graffiti crew names that have left a mark on the urban art scene and learn about their significance.

Graffiti Crew Names

Here are some of the most influential graffiti crew names that have become synonymous with urban art culture:

3D Crew

The 3D Crew is a legendary New York City graffiti crew active during the 1980s. The Crew comprised renowned graffiti artists such as Zephyr, Revolt, and Sharp. They were known for their innovative use of 3D lettering and their bold colour schemes. The 3D Crew is considered one of the pioneers of the New York graffiti scene and has inspired many young artists to follow in their footsteps.


TATS Cru is a graffiti crew from the Bronx, New York, formed in the early 1980s. The Crew was founded by three members: Bio, Nicer, and BG 183, who were all pioneers of the New York graffiti scene. TATS Cru is known for its colourful murals that often incorporate political and social themes. The Crew has gained international recognition for their contributions to the urban art culture.

FX Crew

FX Crew is a graffiti crew from Boston formed in the 1990s. The Crew is known for their vibrant graffiti pieces that often incorporate cartoon characters and pop culture references. The FX Crew has significantly impacted the graffiti scene in Boston and has inspired many young artists to pursue street art as a form of self-expression.

UA Crew

The United Artists Crew, or UA Crew, is a graffiti crew formed in New York City in the 1970s. The Crew was among the first to gain recognition for their large-scale graffiti pieces covering entire subway cars. The UA Crew was also known for their innovative use of colour and unique lettering style. The Crew’s influence can still be seen in the work of many contemporary graffiti artists.

MSK Crew

The Mad Society Kings, or MSK Crew, is a Los Angeles graffiti crew formed in the 1990s. The Crew is known for their intricate lettering style and vibrant colours. MSK Crew members are often regarded as some of the best graffiti artists in the world and have gained international recognition for their work.

WCA Crew

The West Coast Artists, or WCA Crew, is a graffiti crew formed in Los Angeles in the late 1980s. The Crew is known for their elaborate murals, often featuring a fusion of graffiti and street art styles. WCA Crew members have been instrumental in developing the urban art scene in California and have inspired many young artists to pursue graffiti as a form of self-expression.

Unique graffiti crew names

Vandal Kings – This crew is known for their bold, colourful graffiti pieces that often cover entire buildings or walls.

Wildstyle Warriors – These artists are skilled in the complex art of “wildstyle” graffiti, which involves intricate designs and lettering.

Street Savants – This crew is known for their ability to create striking and thought-provoking street art that often incorporates social commentary.

Aerosol Assassins – These artists are masters of the spray can, able to create detailed and eye-catching pieces using nothing but spray paint.

Urban Outlaws – This crew operates outside the mainstream art world, creating edgy and unconventional graffiti that challenges societal norms.

Colour Chaos – These artists embrace bold, vibrant colours and use them to create chaotic yet beautiful graffiti pieces.

Creative graffiti crew names

Concrete Canvas – This crew creates graffiti on concrete surfaces, such as bridges, underpasses, and retaining walls.

Graffiti Gurus – These artists are considered masters of the craft, having honed their skills over many years of practice.

Street Scholars – This crew combines artistic talent with a deep knowledge of street culture and history, using their art to educate and inspire.

Rebel Writers – These artists are rebellious and use graffiti to make bold statements about society and politics.

Funky Fresh – This crew specializes in creating graffiti with a playful, lighthearted vibe, often incorporating cartoon characters and other whimsical elements.

Tag Team – This crew is known for their ability to work together seamlessly, creating large and complex graffiti pieces that are a collaboration between multiple artists.

Graffiti crew names inspiration

Art Vandals – These artists see themselves as rebels against the mainstream art world, using graffiti to challenge traditional notions of what art should be.

Concrete Cowboys – This crew creates graffiti with a Western theme, often incorporating images of cowboys, horses, and other Western motifs.

The Letterheads – These artists focus on the art of lettering, creating intricate and visually striking graffiti that emphasizes the beauty of the written word.

Graffiti Gods – These artists have achieved legendary status within the community, inspiring and influencing generations of aspiring writers.

No Limits – This crew is known for their fearless approach to graffiti, willing to take risks and push boundaries to create the most impressive pieces possible.

Underground Artisans – This crew operates outside the mainstream art world, creating innovative and thought-provoking graffiti that challenges conventional ideas about art and creativity.

Street Aesthetes – These artists have a keen eye for aesthetics, creating beautiful and thought-provoking graffiti.

City Slickers – This crew specializes in creating graffiti in urban environments, using the city as a canvas to create bold and colourful pieces that reflect the energy and vibrancy of urban life.

Best graffiti crew names

Vandal KingsThe Artful Dodgers
Aerosol AssassinsBombing Squad
Urban VandalsStreetwise Syndicate
City ScrawlersMidnight Marauders
Paint PosseThe Color Conspiracy
Graffiti GiantsConcrete Crusaders
Tagging TitansThe Spray Can Cartel
Outlaw ArtistsUrban Outlaws
Bombshell BrigadeThe Paint Pioneers
Street SmudgersThe Graffiti Gurus

What Makes a Great Graffiti Crew Name?

Creating an excellent graffiti crew name is essential to establishing your Crew’s identity in the urban art scene. A great name should be memorable, catchy, and reflect your Crew’s style and aesthetic. Here are some tips for creating an excellent graffiti crew name:

Keep it short and simple

A great graffiti crew name should be short and straightforward, making it easy to remember and recognize. Avoid long and complicated names that are hard to pronounce or spell.

Use unique and creative words.

Use unique and creative words that reflect your Crew’s style and aesthetic. Think of words that evoke strong emotions or imagery, such as “savage,” “grit,” or “chaos.”

Incorporate the Crew’s location or theme.

Consider incorporating your Crew’s location or theme into the name to give it more meaning and relevance. For example, if you’re a crew from Brooklyn, you could use the word “Brooklyn” in your name to represent your roots.

Avoid cliches

Avoid using cliches or overused words and phrases, such as “kings,” “queens,” or “lords.” Instead, try to come up with something more unique and original.


Can anyone join a graffiti crew?

Graffiti crews are often selective about who they invite to join. It’s not enough to be a talented artist; you must also have a strong work ethic, a commitment to the Crew, and a willingness to learn and collaborate.

Is graffiti illegal?

Graffiti is often considered illegal because it involves writing or drawing on public or private property without permission. However, many graffiti artists see it as a form of self-expression and a way to beautify urban spaces.

How do graffiti crews collaborate on projects?

Graffiti crews often collaborate on large-scale projects by dividing the work among members and assigning specific tasks. Crew members may work on different parts of a mural or graffiti piece or work together to create a cohesive design.

Are graffiti crews competitive with each other?

While there may be some healthy competition between graffiti crews, many artists see themselves as part of a larger community and work together to promote and support each other’s work.

Can graffiti art be displayed in galleries or museums?

Graffiti art is increasingly recognized as a legitimate art form and displayed in galleries and museums worldwide. However, there is still some controversy surrounding the appropriation of graffiti art and its removal from its original context.

How can I find a graffiti crew to join?

You can find graffiti crews to join by networking with other graffiti artists, attending graffiti events and exhibitions, and joining online forums and communities.


Graffiti crews have been integral to the urban art scene for decades, bringing together talented artists to create powerful visual statements. The name of a graffiti crew plays a significant role in its identity and can reflect its style, aesthetic, and ideology. We hope this guide has inspired you to create your own graffiti crew name and shed some light on the history and significance of these iconic crew names. Remember to stay true to your roots, work hard, and collaborate with others to create unique works of art.