Praise Dance Group Names: 100+ Creative Ideas for Your Team

Are you starting a praise dance group and looking for the perfect name to represent your team? Look no further! We have compiled a list of creative and unique praise dance group names that will inspire your team and capture the essence of your mission.

Praise Dance Group Names

  • Heavenly Dancers
  • Graceful Praise
  • The Anointed Ones
  • Radiant Worshipers
  • Spirit Steps
  • Holy Hallelujahs
  • Blessed Feet
  • Divine Dancers
  • Glory Moves
  • Sacred Swirls
  • Faithful Footsteps
  • Angelic Expressions
  • Redeemed Rhythms
  • Kingdom Kicks
  • Miraculous Motions
  • Blessed Ballet
  • Gospel Groovers
  • Divine Choreography
  • Heavenly Hip-Hop
  • Worship Warriors

Creative Praise Dance Group Names

  • Heavenly Dancers
  • Divine Footsteps
  • Graceful Praisers
  • Dancing Angels
  • Joyful Movement
  • Spirit in Motion
  • Worship Warriors
  • Holy Hoppers
  • Prophetic Praise
  • Glorious Steps
  • Victorious Dancers
  • Sacred Rhythms
  • Anointed Feet
  • Gospel Grooves
  • Praising Pearls
  • Radiant Praise
  • Holy Rollers
  • Heaven’s Ballet
  • Mighty Movements
  • Kingdom Choreography
  • Heavenly Harmony
  • Power Praise
  • Majestic Movers
  • Gospel Glide
  • Divine Dance Company
  • Holy Hip Hop
  • Resurrection Dance
  • Holy Hands Movement
  • Faithful Footwork
  • Joyful Jivers
  • Dancing Disciples
  • Worship Wonders
  • Kingdom Kickers
  • Heavenly Hues
  • Spirit in Motion
  • Anointed Artists
  • Jesus’ Joyful Dancers
  • Joyful Journeys
  • Glorious Grooves
  • Holy Dance Force
  • Heavenly Hosts
  • Divine Dancers
  • Worshipful Walkers
  • Prophetic Praisers
  • Graceful Gliders
  • Radiant Rhythms
  • Holy Ghost Dance Crew
  • Kingdom Krumpers
  • Heavenly Hip Hop
  • Praise Precision
  • Mighty Movers of God
  • Holy Hoofers
  • Angelic Awe
  • Anointed Adoration
  • Gospel Grace
  • Jesus’ Juke Joint
  • Sacred Soles
  • Majestic Motion
  • Worship Warfare
  • Heavenly Hallelujah
  • Holy Hopscotch
  • Graceful Grooves
  • Prophetic Praise Dance
  • Heavenly Harmony Dance Co.
  • Spirit and Truth Movement
  • Kingdom Kicks
  • Radiant Rhythmic Praise
  • Holy Hip Hop Nation
  • Anointed Artistry
  • Faithful Feet
  • Joyful Jumpers
  • Dancing Disciples of Christ
  • Worship Warriors of the King
  • Kingdom Kinetix
  • Holy Ghost Groovers
  • Heavenly Handiwork
  • Divine Dance Experience
  • Prophetic Praise Movement
  • Joyful Jig
  • Radiant Reflections
  • Holy Hallelujahs
  • Majestic Motion Praise Team
  • Worship Warriors in Motion
  • Heavenly Hype
  • Praise Perfection
  • Holy Hip Hop Movement
  • Anointed Assemble
  • Gospel Groove Collective
  • Jesus’ Jiving Jewels
  • Sacred Symphony
  • Mighty Movement Ministry
  • Heavenly Heel-Toe
  • Graceful Greetings
  • Prophetic Praise Performers
  • Radiant Rhapsody
  • Holy Hype House
  • Kingdom Kickstarters
  • Anointed Ascension
  • Glorious Grace
  • Joyful Journey Dance Co.

What are Praise Dance Group Names?

Praise dance group names are the titles a team of dancers uses to represent themselves. These names can vary from traditional to modern and reflect the group’s style and mission. A good praise dance group name should be memorable, pronounceable, and reflect the team’s values.

How do I Choose a Praise Dance Group Name?

Choosing a praise dance group name can be a fun and creative process. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect name for your team:

  • Consider your mission and values: Consider what your team stands for and try to reflect those values in your name.
  • Brainstorm with your team: Get input from your team members and devise a list of potential names together.
  • Please keep it simple: Avoid names that are too long or difficult to pronounce.
  • Be creative: Be bold, think outside the box, and create a unique and memorable name.

Can I Change My Praise Dance Group Name?

Yes, you can change your praise dance group name at any time. If you feel that your current name no longer represents your team or want a change, you can brainstorm new ideas and choose a new name together.

How Do I Register My Praise Dance Group Name?

There has yet to be an official registration process for praise dance group names. However, if you plan on using your name for branding and marketing purposes, consider trademarking it to protect your intellectual property.

How Can I Incorporate My Praise Dance Group Name into My Performances?

There are many inventive methods to combine your praise dance group name into your performances. You can use it as the title of your show or include it in your choreography. You can also create custom costumes or merchandise with your name on it to help promote your team.


Choosing the perfect praise dance group name is essential in building a solid and memorable team. By considering your mission, values, and creativity, you can find a name representing your team and inspiring your audience. We hope our list of creative and unique praise dance group names has helped you search for the perfect name.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your team, brainstorm, and find the perfect name to represent your praise dance group!