Publishing Company Names: 100+ Self Publishing Company Name Ideas & Suggestions


Starting a publishing company is an exciting and challenging endeavor. One of the multiple crucial steps in this process is choosing the perfect name for your business. Your company name will be the first thing people see; it can make or break your brand’s success.

So, how do you reach up with a great publishing company name? This article will explore ten creative and unique publishing company names to inspire you.

Top 10 Creative and Unique Publishing Company Name Ideas

  • Inkwell Publishing: This name is a classic reference to the writing tool used in the past. It is simple, easy to remember, and gives the impression of a company that values the written word.
  • Quill & Scroll: This name is another classic reference to writing tools. It suggests a company that is both traditional and forward-thinking.
  • Paper Trail Press: This name plays with the idea of leaving a “paper trail” in the form of published works. It is simple, easy to remember, and gives a professional impression.
  • Novelty Press: This name is unique and memorable. It suggests a company that values innovation and creativity.
  • Page Turner Publishing: This name is perfect for a company that values engaging and exciting content. It suggests that readers won’t be able to put down the books they publish.
  • Literary Leaf Publishing: This name is clever and memorable. It suggests a company that values the written word and has a connection to nature.
  • WordSmiths: This name suggests a company that values skilled writing and editing. It is simple, easy to remember, and professional.
  • BookWorm Publishers: This name is fun and memorable. It suggests a company that values reading and publishing books that people can’t put down.
  • The Written Word Company: This name is straightforward and professional. It suggests a company that values the written word and publishes quality content.
  • Story Weaver Press: This name is imaginative and memorable. It suggests a company that values creativity and storytelling.

Publishing Company Names

  • Snap Publishing
  • First-Choice Publishing
  • Anne Publishing
  • Aqua Press
  • Paper Blink
  • Med Box Publishing
  • Delta Book Publication
  • Equinox Self Publishing
  • Hometown Publication
  • Alpha Box
  • Your Acceptance
  • Amaze Book
  • Pub Launch
  • Nimble
  • Catalyst Books
  • Delight Press
  • Insights Books
  • Scoot Press
  • Finest Press
  • Remarkable Publishing Delta Pub

Self-Publishing Company Names

  • Ascend Self Publishing
  • Core Self Publishing
  • Prevail Pub
  • Med Brite
  • Graph Press
  • Your Impact
  • Scat Press
  • Squad Self Publishing
  • Paper Town
  • Recover Publishing Company
  • Ascend Book Store
  • Prevail
  • Publish Grid
  • Leaf Printing
  • Author Dash
  • Pen Zip
  • Scholar Dart
  • Open Access
  • Greater Than Papers
  • Square Root Publishing Group
  • Prospect

Publishing House Names

  • Scholar Collection
  • Paper wing
  • Vital word
  • Write kind
  • Story help Novel
  • Main Title
  • Elite Words Publishing House
  • Join just Printing
  • Paper Margin
  • Easy word Press
  • Noble Neat
  • Morning wire
  • Most Say Publication
  • Brain Thought Pub
  • Student weal
  • As Poof
  • Con journal
  • Peppermill Global
  • Dreamtime
  • Steamboat

Catchy Publishing Company Names:

  1. Inkwell Press
  2. Page Turner Press
  3. Quill & Scroll Press
  4. The Bookworm Press
  5. Spine Tingler Publishing
  6. Word Weavers Press
  7. Book Lovers Press
  8. Novelty Press
  9. Cover-to-Cover Publishing
  10. Dream Chasers Press

Unique Publishing Company Names:

  1. Bibliophile Publishers
  2. Parchment Press
  3. Chapbook Publishers
  4. Sundial Press
  5. Serendipity Publishers
  6. Raven Press
  7. Glyph Publishing
  8. Footprint Press
  9. Verse Publishers
  10. Nimbus Publishers

Creative Publishing Company Names:

  1. Muse Ink
  2. Scribble Publishing
  3. Prose Tree Press
  4. Idea Fountain Publishers
  5. Pen & Palette Press
  6. Artisan Press
  7. Imaginative Ink
  8. Masterpiece Publishers
  9. Creative Quill Press
  10. Doodle Press

Professional Publishing Company Names:

  1. Sage Publishers
  2. Scholarly Press
  3. Academic Publishing
  4. Learned Press
  5. Polished Publishing
  6. Expertise Press
  7. Professional Pen Press
  8. Precise Press
  9. Mindful Publishing
  10. Wise Words Press

Fantasy Publishing Company Names:

  1. Fable Press
  2. Dragonfly Publishers
  3. Unicorn Press
  4. Enchanted Press
  5. Mythical Press
  6. Fairy Tale Publishers
  7. Mermaid Press
  8. Fantasy Land Press
  9. Magic Ink Press
  10. Wizard Publishing

Romance Publishing Company Names:

  1. Heartfelt Press
  2. Cupid’s Arrow Publishing
  3. Love Story Press
  4. Serenade Publishers
  5. Tender Words Press
  6. Romance House
  7. Blush Press
  8. Sweetheart Publishing
  9. Dreamy Publishers
  10. Passionate Press

Children’s Book Publishing Company Names:

  1. Storyland Press
  2. Kidlit Publishers
  3. Picture Perfect Publishers
  4. Playful Press
  5. Whimsical Words Press
  6. Happy Tales Press
  7. Brighter Books
  8. Storytime Publishers
  9. Playtime Press
  10. Little Readers Press

Educational Publishing Company Names:

  1. Mindset Publishers
  2. Insight Press
  3. Learning Library Publishers
  4. Brainy Books
  5. Genius Press
  6. Knowledge House
  7. Scholar Publishers
  8. Intellect Press
  9. Bright Idea Publishers
  10. Smart Press

Self-Publishing Company Names:

  1. Prose Publishers
  2. Verse Press
  3. Literary Lane Publishers
  4. Classic Publishers
  5. Novelty Publishing
  6. Literary Legends Press
  7. Literature Lovers Press
  8. Literary Merit Publishers
  9. Poetic Pages Press
  10. Literary Lights Press
Publishing Company Names
Publishing Company Names


What should I consider when choosing a name for my publishing company?

When choosing a name for your publishing company, consider your target audience, the genre of books you publish, and the image you want to portray. Make sure the name is outstanding and easy to spell.

Can I use a name that another publishing company already takes?

Using a name that another publishing company already takes is not recommended. It would help if you chose a unique name to avoid legal issues.

Should I choose a name that describes the type of books I publish?

Choosing a name that describes the type of books you publish is not necessary. A unique and memorable name can be more effective in attracting readers.

How to Name Your Publishing Company

The name is a critical topic for any startup, especially in the field of book publishing; you should choose a name that will move forward as a brand in the future. The self-publishing field of book publishing today is a more profitable factor. Today any writer can create income and his branding by publishing his book very quickly through self-publishing. So it would help if you chose a name that enhances the direction of your publishing group.

Positions you as an industry

Before you choose your publishing company’s name, you should decide to keep in mind your goal to make space in this field of your publishing company. And you can lead by that brand.

Online Presence

Nowadays, all trades are shifting online. So you have to choose a name that can quickly create an online presence of characters such as domain name and social media account. It is essential to have a website in self-publishing on which the author can submit his manuscript for review. And can purchase books through the published website Bookstore.

Do those Discuss with the editorial board.

Discuss your publishing group’s name with the editorial board you have created for the publishing group and get their opinion to choose the name easily.


Choosing the perfect name for your publishing company can be challenging, but it is crucial for establishing your brand and identity. When brainstorming name ideas, consider your target audience, the availability of domain names and social media handles, and the message you want your name to convey.

The ten creative and unique publishing company name ideas listed in this article are a starting point. Feel free to mix and match ideas or come up with something entirely original.

Remember, your company name is a significant part of your brand identity, so take the time to choose the perfect name for your publishing company.

Using one of the Publishing mentioned above Company Name Ideas for your new company can make you stand out from the competition and give your business a unique and memorable identity.

We hope this article has given you some inspiration for your publishing company name. Good luck with your business venture!