Top 100 Company Slogans: Unveiling the Power of Memorable Taglines

In the competitive business world, a company’s success often hinges on effectively communicating its brand message. One powerful tool for achieving this is a compelling slogan. An excellent company slogan can capture the essence of a brand, leave a lasting impression on consumers, and foster brand loyalty. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of company slogans, explicitly exploring the top 100 company slogans that have impacted the business landscape.

Top 100 Company Slogans

Nike – “Just Do It”
Nike’s iconic slogan encourages individuals to take action, overcome obstacles, and strive for greatness.

Apple – “Think Different”
Apple’s slogan reflects its commitment to innovation and individuality, encouraging people to challenge the status quo and think outside the box.

Coca-Cola – “Taste the Feeling” Coca-Cola’s slogan captures the emotional experience of enjoying its refreshing beverages, emphasizing the joy and satisfaction it brings.

McDonald’s – “I’m Lovin’ It” McDonald’s slogan expresses the delight and pleasure that their customers experience while enjoying their food and overall McDonald’s experience.

Google – “Don’t Be Evil” Google’s famous motto encourages ethical behavior and responsible actions, emphasizing their commitment to doing good in the world.

IBM – “Think” IBM’s slogan emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and problem-solving, highlighting their focus on innovation and intelligent solutions.

Amazon – “Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.” Amazon’s slogan reflects its fast-paced, ambitious culture, encouraging employees to work hard, enjoy their work, and strive for groundbreaking achievements.

Pepsi – “For the Love of It” Pepsi’s slogan captures people’s enthusiasm and passion for their products, emphasizing the joy and pleasure of consuming Pepsi beverages.

Microsoft – “Empowering us all” Microsoft’s slogan highlights its commitment to developing technology that empowers individuals and communities, enabling them to achieve more.

Volkswagen – “Das Auto” Volkswagen’s slogan, “The Car,” in German, emphasizes the brand’s focus on engineering excellence and quality vehicles.

Toyota – “Let’s Go Places” Toyota’s slogan inspires people to embark on new journeys and adventures in their vehicles and life, encapsulating a spirit of exploration.

Samsung – “Inspire the World, Create the Future” Samsung’s slogan reflects its ambition to inspire and innovate through its wide range of products, contributing to a better future.

Facebook – “Move Fast and Break Things” Facebook’s former slogan represented their culture of rapid innovation and taking risks, acknowledging that sometimes mistakes are necessary for progress.

Adidas – “Impossible is Nothing” Adidas’ slogan encourages individuals to push their limits, overcome obstacles, and believe in their ability to achieve greatness in sports and life.

Honda – “The Power of Dreams” Honda’s slogan reflects their belief in the unlimited potential of dreams, emphasizing their commitment to turning dreams into reality through their products.

Intel – “Intel Inside” Intel’s slogan highlights its dominance in the computer chip industry, reminding consumers of its processors’ superior performance and reliability.

Mastercard – “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.” Mastercard’s slogan emphasizes the value of priceless experiences and moments while highlighting its payment solutions’ convenience and versatility.

BMW – “The Ultimate Driving Machine” BMW’s slogan positions their vehicles as the epitome of luxury, performance, and driving pleasure, appealing to car enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary experience.

Visa – “Everywhere you want to be” Visa’s slogan conveys their payment network’s global reach and acceptance, reassuring consumers that their Visa card is accepted in countless locations.

Twitter – “See what’s happening” Twitter’s slogan invites users to stay informed and connected with real-time updates and discussions on various topics worldwide.

Ford – “Go Further” Ford’s slogan inspires people to reach beyond their limits, highlighting the brand’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

Airbnb – “Belong anywhere” Airbnb’s slogan communicates its mission to provide unique travel experiences that make people feel at home, no matter where they are.

IBM – “Building a smarter planet” IBM’s slogan focuses on leveraging technology and innovation to create a more intelligent and interconnected world.

Snapchat – “Life’s more fun when you live in the moment” Snapchat’s slogan encourages users to embrace spontaneity and enjoy the present moment through their platform’s brief and engaging content.

PayPal – “Simpler. Safer. Smarter.” PayPal’s slogan emphasizes its online payment solutions’ convenience, security, and intelligence, promising a seamless and trusted experience.

Netflix – “See what’s next” Netflix’s slogan highlights its commitment to providing a vast array of entertainment options and staying ahead of the curve with new and exciting content.

IBM – “Let’s build a smarter planet” IBM’s slogan inspires collaboration and collective effort to address global challenges and create a more intelligent and sustainable future.

Subway – “Eat fresh” Subway’s slogan emphasizes its focus on fresh ingredients and healthier food options, appealing to health-conscious consumers.

American Express – “Don’t leave home without it” American Express’ slogan highlights the value and importance of carrying their credit card, emphasizing its acceptance and benefits worldwide.

YouTube – “Broadcast Yourself” YouTube’s slogan encourages individuals to express their creativity, share their stories, and engage with a global audience through video content.

Chevrolet – “Find New Roads” Chevrolet’s slogan reflects their commitment to innovation and discovery, inviting customers to explore new possibilities and embark on exciting journeys.

L’Oréal – “Because you’re worth it” L’Oréal’s slogan empowers individuals, emphasizing the importance of self-worth and encouraging them to indulge in their high-quality beauty products.

Intel – “Experience what’s inside” Intel’s slogan invites consumers to discover the impressive performance and capabilities within their devices powered by Intel processors.

IBM – “Smarter Planet” IBM’s slogan encompasses its vision of using advanced technology and intelligent solutions to address complex challenges and improve the world.

Disney – “The happiest place on Earth” Disney’s slogan captures the magical and joyful experience that visitors can expect at their theme parks, immersing them in a world of fantasy and happiness.

Airbnb – “Live there” Airbnb’s slogan encourages travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture and experience destinations like a resident, fostering authentic and unique travel experiences.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) – “Invent” HP’s slogan embodies its commitment to innovation and creativity, inspiring its employees and customers to embrace new ideas and technologies.

Red Bull – “Gives you wings” Red Bull’s slogan metaphorically suggests that consuming their energy drink boosts energy and the ability to accomplish extraordinary feats.

KFC – “It’s finger lickin’ good!” KFC’s slogan conveys the delicious taste and satisfaction of their finger-licking good fried chicken, enticing customers to indulge in their flavorful offerings.

Tesla – “Accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy” Tesla’s slogan represents their mission to revolutionize the automotive industry by leading the charge towards electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions.

IBM – “On demand business” IBM’s slogan emphasizes their expertise in providing flexible and adaptive solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern businesses.

Coca-Cola – “Open Happiness” Coca-Cola’s slogan suggests that their beverages can create moments of joy, connection, and happiness among people.

Airbnb – “One less stranger” Airbnb’s slogan emphasizes fostering connections and understanding between hosts and guests, reducing the feeling of being strangers in a new place.

Audi – “Vorsprung durch Technik” Audi’s German slogan translates to “Advancement through Technology” and reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation, precision, and engineering excellence.

McDonald’s – “I’m lovin’ it” McDonald’s catchy slogan expresses the enjoyment and satisfaction their food and overall experience bring customers.

IBM – “I think, therefore IBM” IBM’s slogan plays on the famous philosophical quote by René Descartes, highlighting the brand’s association with critical thinking, problem-solving, and intelligence.

Nike – “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” Nike’s powerful slogan encourages individuals to stand up for their beliefs and values, despite adversity or sacrifice.

BMW – “Sheer driving pleasure” BMW’s slogan emphasizes their vehicles’ exhilaration and enjoyment, appealing to driving enthusiasts seeking an extraordinary experience on the road.

Samsung – “Do what you can’t” Samsung’s slogan challenges individuals to push beyond their perceived limitations and achieve what others may consider impossible, reflecting the brand’s innovative spirit.

IBM – “The future is open” IBM’s slogan represents their commitment to collaboration, openness, and embracing the potential of emerging technologies to shape a better future.

Apple – “The future is here” Apple’s slogan suggests that their products embody cutting-edge technology and innovation, making the future a tangible reality for their customers.

Amazon – “A smile in every box” Amazon’s slogan highlights their dedication to customer satisfaction, promising to deliver a pleasant shopping experience with every purchase.

Visa – “It’s everywhere you want to be” Visa’s slogan emphasizes the wide acceptance and convenience of their payment network, assuring consumers that they can use their Visa card almost anywhere.

IBM – “Building a smarter planet one client at a time” IBM’s slogan reflects their approach of working closely with clients to develop intelligent solutions and technologies that drive progress and solve complex challenges.

Coca-Cola – “Open a little happiness” Coca-Cola’s slogan suggests that by enjoying their beverages, people can open themselves to moments of happiness and positivity.

Twitter – “What’s happening?” Twitter’s slogan captures the platform’s essence as a real-time information network, inviting users to stay connected and updated on the latest happenings.

Google – “Organize the world’s information” Google’s slogan encapsulates its mission to index and make accessible vast amounts of information, empowering users to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Pepsi – “Live for now” Pepsi’s slogan encourages individuals to embrace the present moment, enjoy life to the fullest, and savor the refreshing experience of drinking Pepsi.

Nike – “Unleash your true potential” Nike’s slogan inspires individuals to tap into their inner strengths, break barriers, and unlock their full potential in sports and life.

McDonald’s – “Good times” McDonald’s slogan implies that visiting their restaurant guarantees enjoyable and memorable moments with friends, family, or oneself.

Intel – “Leap ahead” Intel’s slogan conveys its commitment to continuous innovation and progress, positioning its products as the catalyst for technological advancements.

IBM – “Innovate. Integrate. Inspire.” IBM’s slogan highlights its focus on innovation, seamless integration of technologies, and the inspiration they aim to provide in transforming businesses.

Coca-Cola – “Taste the joy” Coca-Cola’s slogan suggests that their beverages offer more than just a physical taste; they evoke a feeling of joy and delight.

Samsung – “Turn on tomorrow” Samsung’s slogan reflects its commitment to shaping the future through innovative technologies, inviting people to embrace a brighter and more connected tomorrow.

Nike – “Find your greatness” Nike’s slogan motivates individuals to discover their unique strengths and pursue personal greatness, regardless of their background or starting point.

Facebook – “Connect with friends and the world around you” Facebook’s slogan encapsulates its mission to facilitate connections, sharing, and engagement with friends, family, and the broader community.

Microsoft – “Your potential. Our passion.” Microsoft’s slogan conveys its dedication to empowering individuals and organizations, unlocking their potential through innovative technology.

Apple – “The power to be your best” Apple’s slogan suggests that their products provide users with the tools and capabilities to unleash their full potential and achieve their best.

IBM – “Your data is your biggest asset” IBM’s slogan emphasizes the value and importance of data in today’s digital age, highlighting their expertise in managing and leveraging data for business success.

Volkswagen – “Think small” Volkswagen’s famous slogan from the 1960s positioned their compact cars as an innovative and practical choice, challenging the dominance of larger vehicles at the time.

Toyota – “Moving forward” Toyota’s slogan signifies their commitment to progress, innovation, and continuous improvement, both in their vehicles and as a company.

Samsung – “Imagine the possibilities” Samsung’s slogan invites people to envision a world where technology enables endless possibilities, inspiring creativity and exploration.

Pepsi – “The choice of a new generation” Pepsi’s slogan positioned their brand as a refreshing and modern choice, appealing to younger consumers and their desire for new experiences.

Nike – “Make it count” Nike’s slogan encourages individuals to make the most of every opportunity, seize the moment, and ensure their actions have a meaningful impact.

BMW – “The ultimate driving experience” BMW’s slogan captures the brand’s promise of delivering a superior and unforgettable driving experience, combining performance, luxury, and craftsmanship.

Mastercard – “Priceless” Mastercard’s slogan highlights the intangible value and unique experiences that money cannot buy, emphasizing the emotional aspect of transactions.

McDonald’s – “There’s something for everyone” McDonald’s slogan suggests that their diverse menu caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences, ensuring everyone has an option.

Microsoft – “Be what’s next” means that Microsoft’s slogan invites individuals to embrace innovation, explore new possibilities, and be at the forefront of the future.

Amazon – “Earth’s biggest selection” Amazon’s slogan emphasizes the vastness and variety of its product offerings, positioning them as the go-to destination for finding almost anything.

Visa – “More people go with Visa” Visa’s slogan implies that many people choose Visa for payment, reinforcing the brand’s reliability and popularity.

Nike – “Play like you mean it” Nike’s slogan motivates athletes and sports enthusiasts to approach their activities with passion, dedication, and a strong sense of purpose.

IBM – “Inventing for a smarter planet” IBM’s slogan reflects their dedication to developing groundbreaking solutions and technologies that contribute to a more intelligent and sustainable world.

Apple – “Think beyond” Apple’s slogan encourages individuals to think beyond conventional boundaries, challenging them to explore new ideas and push the limits of what’s possible.

McDonald’s – “It’s a good time for the great taste of McDonald’s” McDonald’s slogan conveys that anytime is a good time to enjoy the delicious taste of their food, emphasizing the quality and appeal of their offerings.

Coca-Cola – “Share a Coke” Coca-Cola’s slogan encourages people to share the experience of enjoying their beverages, fostering connections and moments of togetherness.

Google – “Search smarter” Google’s slogan suggests that their search engine and associated services enable users to find information more efficiently and effectively.

Microsoft – “Your digital world, connected” Microsoft’s slogan communicates its commitment to providing related services and technologies that seamlessly integrate with users’ digital lives.

Volkswagen – “Das Auto. Vorsprung durch Technik.” Volkswagen’s German slogan combines two phrases, “The Car” and “Advancement through Technology,” highlighting their engineering excellence and innovative spirit.

Nike – “Winning takes care of everything” Nike’s slogan suggests that success and achievement in sports can overshadow any other concerns, emphasizing the brand’s association with winning.

Pepsi – “The joy of Pepsi” Pepsi’s slogan captures the delightful and pleasurable experience of consuming their beverages, highlighting the brand’s focus on enjoyment and satisfaction.

IBM – “Think solutions. Think IBM.” IBM’s slogan encourages individuals and businesses to consider IBM as the provider of innovative and comprehensive solutions for their needs.

FedEx – “The world on time” FedEx’s slogan reflects its commitment to reliable and timely delivery services, emphasizing its ability to connect people and businesses globally.

Disney – “Where dreams come true” Disney’s slogan evokes the magical and enchanting experience visitors can expect at their parks and resorts, where dreams and fantasies become a reality.

Amazon – “We deliver smiles” Amazon’s slogan conveys the joy and satisfaction they strive to bring their customers through prompt and efficient delivery services.

Coca-Cola – “Life tastes good” Coca-Cola’s slogan suggests that their beverages enhance the enjoyment of life’s experiences, emphasizing their taste’s positive and uplifting sensation.

Volkswagen – “Feel the difference” Volkswagen’s slogan invites people to experience their vehicles’ unique qualities and sensations, emphasizing the brand’s focus on quality and comfort.

Nike – “There is no finish line” Nike’s slogan embodies their belief that pursuing greatness is ongoing and never-ending, encouraging individuals to strive for improvement continually.

Intel – “Experience what’s possible” Intel’s slogan invites users to explore the capabilities and possibilities their processors enable, showcasing the transformative potential of technology.

Apple – “The future in your hands” Apple’s slogan suggests that their products put the power of the future directly into the hands of users, enabling them to shape and embrace it.

McDonald’s – “I’m lovin’ it” (global slogan) McDonald’s iconic global slogan conveys the universal enjoyment and satisfaction that their food and experience bring to people worldwide.


How important is a company slogan for brand identity?

A company slogan plays a crucial role in establishing brand identity. It encapsulates the essence of a brand and communicates it succinctly to consumers. A memorable slogan can evoke emotions, create brand recognition, and foster customer loyalty.

Can a company slogan evolve?

Yes, a company slogan can evolve to adapt to changing market dynamics or to reflect a brand’s evolution. Companies may update their slogans to stay relevant, target new audiences, or align with their evolving brand values.

How can I create an effective company slogan?

Creating an effective company slogan requires a deep understanding of your brand, target audience, and unique value proposition. It should be memorable, concise, and resonate with your customers’ aspirations or pain points. Collaborating with a professional marketing team can help ensure the creation of a compelling slogan.

Can a company succeed without a slogan?

While a well-crafted slogan can enhance brand recognition and customer engagement, it is not the sole determining factor for a company’s success. Other aspects, such as product quality, customer service, and marketing strategies, also play vital roles in a company’s overall success.

Are there any legal considerations when creating a company slogan?

When creating a company slogan, it is essential to ensure it does not infringe upon existing trademarks or copyrighted material. Conducting thorough research and seeking legal advice can help prevent potential legal issues and protect your brand.

Can a company slogan revive a struggling brand?

A well-executed rebranding strategy, which includes a compelling slogan, can help revive a struggling brand. A fresh and impactful motto, accompanied by effective marketing campaigns, can reposition the brand in the minds of consumers and reignite interest and loyalty.


In the realm of marketing, company slogans wield immense power. They can shape brand perceptions, create emotional connections, and leave a lasting impact on consumers. The top 100 company slogans we have explored in this article are a testament to the art of crafting memorable taglines that stand the test of time. Whether inspiring us to push our limits, tantalizing our taste buds, or celebrating our individuality, these slogans have become ingrained in our collective consciousness. As businesses continue to evolve and compete for consumers’ attention, creating a memorable company slogan remains a vital aspect of brand strategy.